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Your Partner in Organizational Success

  • Organizational Change and Transitions
  • Executive Transition and Leadership Continuity
  • Interim Executive Director/CEO
  • Board Governance
beth schecter
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Consulting Services

  • Interim Executive Director/CEO for nonprofits experiencing leadership transitions
  • Transition management and stabilization
  • Board development cycle; governance training
  • Coaching/mentoring next gen Executive Directors
  • Building shared leadership teams
  • Strategic, operational, and program planning and re-design
  • Business development
  • Capitalization and earned income strategies


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Beth is a detailed oriented executive and mentor. She can command and direct staff and be a trusted guide and advisor. With her never-ending focus, Beth and I accomplished so much in the short time we worked together. She is an excellent planner and thinks strategically about the task at hand. Most importantly she is passionate about the organizations and causes where she works. I am grateful for her partnership and hope that we have the chance to work together again.

Lillian Archer

San Francisco Botanical Gardens

We owe a huge thank you to our Interim Executive Director, Beth Schecter! She has guided us with such strong leadership and advice, and we are forever indebted to her for the work she has done not only stabilizing, but also strengthening our organization during this transition.

We know there are big things ahead for Matrix!

Alexis Lynch

President Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center, Novato, CA, Alexis Lynch Law Firm

Beth, I knew the minute we met with you that you were the one who could successfully take us to where we needed to end up. I deeply appreciate the care and sensitivity you expressed when dealing with our young and emotionally charged staff, as well as the professionalism you exhibited when communicating with our partners and schools. This was not an easy endeavor, and you did it with grace and competency. I feel very positive about the outcome!

Randi Fisher

Secretary Education Outside, San Francisco, CA, Co-Founder and Trustee, Pisces Foundation

Everyone at the East Bay Agency for Children is grateful to Beth Schecter for her many contributions to the agency as our ten month interim CEO. While the agency was relatively stable when she stepped in during our search for a new, permanent CEO, we all knew that we would benefit from a review from an objective third party.

Dana Hughes

President Board of Directors

Beth was excellent as an Interim ED and just what Garrison Institute (GI) needed. I cannot think of anything she could have done better - she engaged with Staff and Board at an appropriate level, was adept at dealing with complex interpersonal issues that emerged, and kept GI stable and on track as we regrouped and searched for our new ED. Many thanks to you and the Center for your help with this process, and for recommending such an excellent person.

Ben Shapiro

Garrison Institute

Beth had the great insight to bring a business perspective to the challenges of a non-profit and did an outstanding job in translating non-profit goals and issues for us MBA's, shaping recommendations to fit her culture, selling to her sponsors and then deploying. I was amazed and appreciative that Beth had the discipline and political skill to deploy all our recommendations when many of our clients despite best intentions are unable to make long-term progress.

Claudia Girrbach

Stanford Alumni Consulting Team